Everybody’s Got A Little Light…But It’s Brighter On WordPress

So Obscura and I have been chatting again and you all know what that means: another SpReAd The Love challenge. Before we get to that, though, we have a couple of things we wanted to talk about. First, as you can see, we have a new space. It wasn’t impossible for us to coordinate posts on two different blogging platforms but it’s definitely easier with my move to WordPress a couple of months ago.

Second, we still have $150US from our Anonymous Co-Conspirator to be matched from the Into The Storm challenge. A $50 donation was made to Doctors Without Borders and we’re part of the way to the $50 donation to the International Red Cross. We’d love for our Co-Conspirator to write that check sometime soon, and then another check for $100 to one of the charities supported by  Richard Armitage via JustGiving, but to get there we need kindnesses.

Our challenge this time is very simple. Just tell us either in comments or using the Contact Form on the About page about any kindnesses that you’ve done or that have been done for you and we’ll count them up. Each kindness generates a match of $1US that our Co-Conspirator will donate. These don’t have to be extravagant gestures, anything that makes your heart a little lighter or your day a little brighter counts.  To sweeten it even more, each time you submit a kindness your name will be entered into a drawing for a special thank you from the two of us. We’ll be telling you more about that in our next post but in the meantime we want to thank all of you who’ve sent kindnesses our way. This has been such an amazing project to work on and it’s been thanks to all of you who’ve participated this year. Ready to do it again?  Let’s go!



44 thoughts on “Everybody’s Got A Little Light…But It’s Brighter On WordPress

  1. zan

    Don’t know if this counts: last week, as we were leaving a restaurant, an older lady was standing out front and we could tell she was upset about something. Hubby went over and asked her what was wrong. She was from out of town and was completely lost. Hubby asked where she was going, and gave her directions to get there. She still looked a little confused, so I suggested she follow us, as we could get her to her destination. She didn’t want to impose, but hubby said it wasn’t a problem. We got her where she wanted to go, and when we saw her turn in the parking lot she smiled at us and waved.

    Then there was the nice lady at the tax office who checked on something for me, and when she couldn’t find the documents I’d faxed a week ago, had me fax them directly to her to make sure they got there. Who’d ever think that “nice” and “tax office” would be said in the same breath? 😉

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    1. fedoralady

      I was notified recently that a fairy godmother who wishes to remain anonymous is getting me a gift voucher to Digital Theatre for The Crucible download. Since I was worrying about how I could afford it and feeling left out again, what blessed news this was!

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  2. Servetus

    Tonight, while I was puzzling over a transcript, trying to figure out what had gone wrong and why a student wouldn’t graduate, a grad student stopped by my office with a little bowl of popcorn and said, “this is to fortify you!”

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  4. guylty

    Here is a kindness right from inside the fandom. An anonymous fandom fairy got in touch with me and sent me € 20 Euro. She has stipulated the money be used to buy a digital download of The Crucible for a particular member of the fandom who needs cheering up.
    I also received donations from four other people all in return for a badge – even though the costs are already covered. I am currently collecting these donations to pass them on to Young Minds closer to Christmas.
    Thank you for reminding us of spreading love and kindness.

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    1. Kitty

      Being part of this wonderful group of people sort of overshadows the ReAson that brings us all together. I need to hug somebody. Would that every person the world over could feel this kind of connection.

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  5. jholland

    We’ve had a tough week, so an act of kindness from a stranger really helped us out on Tuesday. Our ultrasonic dental scaling unit at the clinic went out last Friday, right before we were supposed to do a dental cleaning on one of our patients who was boarding here and was scheduled to go home Tuesday afternoon. We had a new unit overnighted, but it got sorted incorrectly, and didn’t arrive until Tuesday morning. Problem was, we have an all-female staff and none of us are particularly mechanically-savvy. Of course the new unit didn’t come with just the right connector to hook up to the plumbing under the wet table, so I sent an employee to a plumbing hardware store with the two pieces we needed to connect, but the guy there brushed her off with “we don’t do dental units- you’ll have to special order that from the dental supply company” without even looking at the parts in question. An elderly gentleman customer nearby offered to take a look, and he wound up coming back with her to the clinic and doing some manly work under the sink to get us up and running. Entirely random and wouldn’t hear of being paid for his time, or even for the part he pulled out of his magic hat! We got the dental done and sent the pet home that afternoon with fresh breath and no inconvenience to reschedule for the client. So thank you, sweet retired plumber!

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  6. Kitty

    Oh, I just got a thank you in the mail for the two cakes I baked for our friend’s family when he passed away last week. I had completely forgotten about it.

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  7. jane

    gave friend from work , hugs , loving positive words, chocs and xmas magazines and pretty pocket tissues to get her through the 24hrs until her emergency apt with spec. re lady troubles ….Heard today all clear , just fibroids …. such relief …hugs all round !!!!!

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  8. jane

    gave a box of favourite biscuits to my immediate manager who took time (over an hour )to sort out my holidays this year and next (it is all computerised )She did not have to do this , bless her .

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  9. jane

    organising an evening with my mother in law , just the two of us , to see Mama Mia , will take wine and cheese and crackers and we shall sing our little hearts out , she loves to sing and loves Abba and hasn’t seen Mama Mia .Doing it week tomorrow ..

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  10. Kitty

    My cousin visited this morning to bring some attachments to a sewing machine that she gave me last winter (the machine belonged to her mother, my mother’s sister). While she was here, she and her husband joined my husband and me in a ministry to get children in school in Nicaragua by making a VERY GENEROUS donation to the Yellow Bag Challenge ( http://www.chosenchildrenministries.org/yellow-bag-challenge/ ). Just blessed my heart.

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  11. Nina Montgomery

    Every year around this time my family starts collecting toys for Toys for Tots
    We also make a donation to the City Mission to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to the homeless.

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  12. Kitty

    1. We (Hubby & I) gave $$$ tonight to our friend who was burned. (I know this sounds like the same post as before, but he must travel 2 & 1/2 hrs for his weekly check-up which includes an overnight stay. So we have been trying to make a weekly donation to help defray their expenses.)
    2. This morning we visited our dear friend who just returned home from a month-long stay in ICU in a hospital in Boulder CO, over 1500 miles from home.
    3. I don’t know how you will count these, but we had nine individual contributions made to The Yellow Bag Challenge (to help children in Nicaragua go to school) yesterday and today.
    4. Our friends gave us a free meal last night when they invited us to their new restaurant for a trial run to “slam” their kitchen staff.
    5. We loaned our car to our daughter while her car is @ the auto repair.
    (please don’t put my name in the pot for the gift b/c I received the gift last week. I am simply posting all this kindness so the charitable gift will be realized – thanks)



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