SpReAd The Love: Giving Back To Those Who’ve Given

WOW! We challenged you all a few days ago and you’ve already maxed our donor for the Red Cross! Thanks so much for helping us reach that goal!

Now here’s the rest of the challenge. Our Anonymous Co-Conspirator still has $100 burning a hole in his or her pocket to donate to one of the charities Richard Armitage supports via JustGiving so we need at least 100 more kindnesses but there’s a twist on it. You’ve all been so supportive of SpReAd The Love this year so, starting with this post, when you submit a kindness we’ll put your name in a hat. Each Friday at 5PM ET we’ll pull a name and that person will win something from us. We have six prizes total from donors within the fandom and each prize is related to one of Richard Armitage’s characters. Kicking us off is John Thornton from North & South. This week’s winner will win an e-book of In Consequence by Trudy Brasure. Ready? Go!

20 thoughts on “SpReAd The Love: Giving Back To Those Who’ve Given

  1. Kitty

    Our friends joined our team in The Yellow Bag Challenge by making a $$$ donation to provide shoes, socks, undies, uniform, school supplies to allow a child in Nicaragua to go to school.

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  2. Kitty

    Our daughter teaches eighth grade math in the public education system (which is totally messed up – the ed system – but I won’t get on my stump here even though I’m tempted to vent). There are many days when she cannot leave school before 5:00 p.m. with a thirty-five minute commute. With the onset of daylight saving time, it’s dark when she gets home – tired, frustrated, with immediate needs of supper, homework for our older granddaughter, baths (this is a lengthy process b/c of the ichthyosis that affects our granddaughters) and readying everyone for the same tomorrow. I made enough supper for her family yesterday – Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili. It was comforting as well as delicious. Here’s the recipe if y’all want to try it. 😀 http://completerecipes.com/Crock-pot-cream-cheese-chicken-chile.html

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  4. humma'

    …..I put my last monies (all quarters) on a sandwich for a Vet to share lunch with a friend there…(both a bit somber-looking..) and was profusely thanked…..then….walking to get back in the line to stand w/ my adult son..as he ordered, a card was passed to the cashier to give to me for whatever I wanted because I was a….a Vet, too…!….”..what goes around, comes ba–..”…(whoa…..!)

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  5. Hariclea

    Sadly didn’t have time to do my usual chocolate cake bake for our office Children in Need bake off so instead donated a nice pampering kit for the auction, hope a generous colleague will decide to part with his cash to gift it to his SO 🙂 and do something nice for kids 🙂

    and took food to our local foodbank, (i hope this will help a family, or a person to not worry about putting food on the table for a few days… )

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  6. seekers14

    Thanks for doing this!

    I’m collecting gently used winter coats to give to people in need this Thanksgiving month, and the response has been overwhelming…to the extent that the donations overflowed the large box designed to contain them, as well 5 giant piles of coats surrounding the bin! Thankful for all this generosity, I wondered how I’d squeeze time out of my 18-hour day to stuff the coats in trash bags for transport.

    When I arrived to do just that, tears filled my eyes: some “angels” had not only placed the coats in bags, they’d sorted them by size and provided me a total: 217! They also left me a note: “Call us and we will help load the bags into your car, and help unload them at the shelter.”

    Kindness, all around!

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  7. Kitty

    When I got that venison back strap out of the freezer for our supper tonight, I realized it was bigger than Hubby & I could eat so I threw a few more carrots and potatoes in the pot and cooked supper for my daughter’s family again. Good thing, too b/c she had to be at orchestra practice an hour after she arrived home.

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  8. Kitty

    I got the sweetest hug from a friend this afternoon when she dropped off some sewing. She thanked us for our advocacy for the children of Nicaragua. It was a real boost during a time when we aren’t feeling the kind of support we expected from our “Christian” community. That hug encouraged us more than $$$ ever could.

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  9. Kitty

    The military ball gown that I hemmed for a JrROTC member (but didn’t charge b/c her dad is in a military hospital in VA) absolutely insisted that I take her $$$ and tossed it on the furniture. I will use that $$$ for our trip to Nicaragua in February.


  10. Kitty

    I hope y’all don’t think I sit around making up this stuff just to win a book. It’s all true and, believe me, it’s not about winning b/c I’m already a winner w/ all the good stuff going on in our life. That being said, here I go again…
    1. A friend brought a generous donation by today for the Yellow Bag Challenge to purchase a $25 supplemental bag to keep a child in school in Nicaragua …
    2. and also the $100 bag w/ uniform, shoes, socks, undies and a year’s school supplies to put a child in school in Nicaragua…
    3. and she also gave us a generous donation for our trip to Nicaragua in February…
    4. and we (Hubby & I) gave $$$ to our doctor friend who is going on a medical mission to Nicaragua on Saturday (I can’t remember if I have already reported this one – you may want to check)…
    5. and we also gave $$$ to one of the guys going with her to buy ice cream from the Eskimo man for the children in the barrio where they will set up a medical clinic

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  11. Kitty

    Whenever I have the least bit of leftover anything, I put it in a freezer box and keep it until a day like today when the temperatures are nippy. Brother-in-law has been slinging the US Mail all day in these cooler temps so I opened up a couple quarts of those tomatoes I canned last summer, added all the frozen leftovers and invited Sissa and B-I-L over for supper. And b/c I can NEVER make just one pot of soup, it wound up being two big pots full of soup so Baby Girl and her fam get supper, too. Add a big cake of cornbread and two sweet potato pies and there you have it.

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