Can I get a drumroll please?

Jazz is out on the town this fine Friday evening, so she asked me to relay that after a duly secure selection from a hat, the kindness winner for this week IS:  Kitty!  Kitty is the new owner of an e-book copy of In Consequence written by Trudy Brasure.

Thanks to all who reported kindnesses this week – the world is a bit nicer because of your generosity of spirit!  Stay tuned for details on the new drawing for next week’s kindness reports.

5 thoughts on “Can I get a drumroll please?

  1. Kitty

    I wouldn’t know how to go about reading an e-book. The most tech savvy I am is using a potato peeler. Just take my name out of the hat and pull out another one. Thanks all the same though. I really appreciate it. I love seeing all the good that’s being done and I like how our goodness reaps $$$ for Himself’s favorite charities.



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