Something to Smile About: A SpReAd the Love Challenge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard about Richard Armitage’s biting debut as Francis Dolarhyde…aka The Tooth Fairy…on NBC’s Hannibal.  We here at STL like to mark special Armitage events, and this one is no different.  You might wonder how we are going to blend together kindness collection with an orally afflicted serial murderer…that’s easy!

Anyone else remember this from Captain Kangaroo??

In honor of the “Tooth Fairy” we are challenging ArmitageWorld to donate toothbrushes (and/or other oral hygiene products) to local or international organizations in need.  Dental health is directly connected to overall physical health, yet millions of people around the globe lack easy access to oral hygiene products.  Toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste and mouthwash regularly show up on the “Things We Need” list for homeless shelters and also for international relief agencies.  Here are just a few I know about:

Donate A Toothbrush

Global Dental Relief

Global Grins (this one accepts only money donations, but a $1 donation can supply up to 5 toothbrushes)

There are many, many local agencies that accept in kind donations of this type…to find one in your area in the US, click here.  If anyone has info on agencies in their area, outside of the US, please let us know in comments.

Tooth brush etc

Tooth brush etc

So here’s the challenge…

Between now and the end of the “Tooth Fairy’s” run, collect and donate dental hygiene products to a charity in your local area or to an international agency, then report back to us and we’ll tally it all up for future reference and goodwill raising.

If you’d like to be collaboRAtor on this challenge, we always love to be able to double down on our in kind donations with a matching cash gift to one of Richard Armitage’s Just Giving Charities…contact us via the About tab if you’re interested.




9 thoughts on “Something to Smile About: A SpReAd the Love Challenge

  1. barcardivodka

    I’ve been trying to find something similar UK based. This is a link to WorldVision Must Have Gifts page requesting a monetary donation to provide toothbrush and toothpaste to sponsored communities

    I’m hoping the £5 donation provides more than one of each item.

    Don’t know the charity, so can’t vouch for it. Hannibal is on at the moment, so am trying to google during the ad breaks. Hopefully someone will come up with more suggestions.

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  2. squirrel.0072

    Reblogged this from me+Richard Armitage , Servetus asked me to do so .

    Je vous propose un autre challenge , proposé cette année en classe de première scientifique aux lycéens en France .

    Document 1 : description d’une scène du film “The Desolation of Smaug”
    Dans le film n°2 du « Hobbit » (The Desolation of Smaug), les nains essaient de tuer le dragon Smaug en le noyant dans de l’or liquide. Pour cela, ils fondent de l’or dans d’anciennes forges en quelques minutes puis ils remplissent le moule d’une statue gigantesque avec cet or devenu liquide.
    Quand le dragon Smaug s’approche, ils cassent le moule et l’or recouvre le dragon .

    Document 2 : Hypothèses de travail issues du film
    Il fait assez froid dans la grotte et la température initiale de l’or est de 8°C.
    La statue peut être assimilée à un cylindre de 15 m de hauteur sur 2,5 m de diamètre.
    Les forges utilisent comme combustible du charbon minéral.

    Document 3 : propriétés de l’or
    symbole : Au
    Z : 79
    Masse molaire (g.mol-1) : 197
    Masse volumique ( : 19,3
    Température de fusion (°C) : 1064
    Température d’ébullition (°C) : 2856
    Energie massique de fusion ( : 64
    Capacité thermique massique ( : 129

    Données :
    – 1 tonne équivalent charbon minéral (tec) correspond à 29,3 GJ.
    – La consommation quotidienne d’une centrale thermique de 800 MW est d’environ 6000 tonnes de charbon.

    Questions :
    À l’aide des documents fournis ci-dessus, déterminer la quantité d’énergie nécessaire pour fondre l’or devant remplir la statue.
    Les scènes du film portant sur la fusion de l’or et sur la noyade de Smaug vous semblent-elles réalistes ?
    Si vous insistez , je fournis la réponse .


    I offer a different challenge, first proposed this year to high school science class in France.

    Document 1: description of a scene from the movie “The Desolation of Smaug”
    In the film No. 2 of “Hobbit” (The Desolation of Smaug), dwarves trying to kill the dragon Smaug in drowning in liquid gold. For this, they melt the gold in old ironworks in a few minutes and then they fill the mold of a gigantic statue with the liquid gold .
    When the dragon Smaug approaches, they broke the mold and covered with gold the dragon.

    Document 2: Working hypotheses from the film
    It’s cold enough in the cave and the initial temperature of gold is 8 ° C.
    The statue can be likened to a cylinder 15 m high by 2.5 m in diameter.
    Forges use mineral coal as fuel.

    Document 3: Gold properties
    symbol: Au
    Z: 79
    Molecular weight (g mol-1): 197
    Density ( 19.3
    Melting temperature (° C): 1064
    Boiling temperature (° C): 2856
    Mass fusion energy ( 64
    Specific heat capacity ( 129

    – 1 tonne mineral coal equivalent (tce) corresponds to 29.3 GJ.
    – Daily consumption of a 800 MW thermal power plant is about 6000 tons of coal.

    Questions :
    Using the materials provided above, determine the amount of energy required to melt gold to complete the statue.
    Does the scenes of the film on the fusion of gold and the drowning of Smaug seem realistic to you ?
    If you insist, I provide the answer.

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