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SpReAd The Love Children’s Book Challenge: Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose Again

When Obscura and I were talking about what we’d like to do with SpReAd the Love this year the one challenge that we really wanted to keep was this one. Last year our participants donated twenty-seven books to libraries, schools, children’s hospitals, and to special children in their lives and hosted twenty-one posts on blogs all throughout Armitageworld. Can we outdo ourselves this year?

The challenge is this: if there’s a book you loved as a child or a children’s book you’ve read and loved as an adult, we invite you to write a review of it and then donate a copy to a school, a library, a children’s hospital or Ronald McDonald house, or a child in your own life. Pretty simple, right? If you’d like to write a review but don’t have a blog of your own we can arrange a host for you or if you’d prefer to just donate a book without a review just be sure to let us know so that we can count it toward our total. You can find a masterlist of posts from last year here. We can host posts here at STL, Obscura can host at Ancient Armitage, I’m open at FunkyBlueDandelion, and Trudy and I are willing to host at The Armitage Authors Network.

Get in touch with us on the Contact form on the About tab and let us know what you’re planning to do so that we can get organized because this shindig is going down the first week of March again. Why the first week of March? Because March 1st is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and kicks off Read Across America week here in the US. So our target dates for posts and donations is during that week but we’re flexible and posts a few days or so before or after that week are fine by us. Last year we had an Anonymous Co-Conspirator who donated $1 for each post, each host, and each book donation to one of the charities supported by Richard Armitage via JustGiving. If you’d like to do that for us this year please let us know.

So it’s Sunday and Sunday for me means spoken word poetry so we’re going out with this lovely piece that I played for the kick off last year, too. I think this might be the single video that I’ve played most frequently but I find it really hard to resist all that sunshine while it’s cold and yucky out. Have a great Sunday, wherever you are!

Everybody’s Got A Little Light…But It’s Brighter On WordPress

So Obscura and I have been chatting again and you all know what that means: another SpReAd The Love challenge. Before we get to that, though, we have a couple of things we wanted to talk about. First, as you can see, we have a new space. It wasn’t impossible for us to coordinate posts on two different blogging platforms but it’s definitely easier with my move to WordPress a couple of months ago.

Second, we still have $150US from our Anonymous Co-Conspirator to be matched from the Into The Storm challenge. A $50 donation was made to Doctors Without Borders and we’re part of the way to the $50 donation to the International Red Cross. We’d love for our Co-Conspirator to write that check sometime soon, and then another check for $100 to one of the charities supported by  Richard Armitage via JustGiving, but to get there we need kindnesses.

Our challenge this time is very simple. Just tell us either in comments or using the Contact Form on the About page about any kindnesses that you’ve done or that have been done for you and we’ll count them up. Each kindness generates a match of $1US that our Co-Conspirator will donate. These don’t have to be extravagant gestures, anything that makes your heart a little lighter or your day a little brighter counts.  To sweeten it even more, each time you submit a kindness your name will be entered into a drawing for a special thank you from the two of us. We’ll be telling you more about that in our next post but in the meantime we want to thank all of you who’ve sent kindnesses our way. This has been such an amazing project to work on and it’s been thanks to all of you who’ve participated this year. Ready to do it again?  Let’s go!