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And The Winner Is…

The winner of SpReAd The Love’s Week Four : Thorin Oakenshield-inspired bracelet giveaway is…Saralee! Saralee, use the Contact Form on the About page and we’ll get your information to send your prize out. Congratulations!

Thanks so much to all who entered and remember we have two more weeks of giveaways inspired by some of Richard Armitage’s most popular characters. We’ll reveal the next prize on Monday and in the meantime check out our sock side challenge…how many pairs does one man need? ­čÖé

SpReAd The Love Gives Back Week Four: Thorin Oakenshield

How about that premiere? Did you watch all of it? I’ve loved reading all of the accounts of fans who were there and, of course, looking at all the photos. Since this week is the premiere of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, this week’s giveaway is a bracelet inspired by Thorin Oakenshield and made by me. Thorin’s┬áhood was said by Tolkein to be sky blue and the chips are royal purple with gold spacers.


To qualify to win this bracelet all you have to do is let us know in the comments about a kindness that you’ve done or that’s been done for you. On Friday at 5PM ET we’ll draw a name from among those who’ve commented. The kindness doesn’t have to be a huge thing, it can be anything that made your heart a little lighter or your day a little brighter. We’ve loved reading all of the kindnesses you’ve submitted so far! So, ready? Go!