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SpReAd The Love Children’s Book Challenge: Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose Again

When Obscura and I were talking about what we’d like to do with SpReAd the Love this year the one challenge that we really wanted to keep was this one. Last year our participants donated twenty-seven books to libraries, schools, children’s hospitals, and to special children in their lives and hosted twenty-one posts on blogs all throughout Armitageworld. Can we outdo ourselves this year?

The challenge is this: if there’s a book you loved as a child or a children’s book you’ve read and loved as an adult, we invite you to write a review of it and then donate a copy to a school, a library, a children’s hospital or Ronald McDonald house, or a child in your own life. Pretty simple, right? If you’d like to write a review but don’t have a blog of your own we can arrange a host for you or if you’d prefer to just donate a book without a review just be sure to let us know so that we can count it toward our total. You can find a masterlist of posts from last year here. We can host posts here at STL, Obscura can host at Ancient Armitage, I’m open at FunkyBlueDandelion, and Trudy and I are willing to host at The Armitage Authors Network.

Get in touch with us on the Contact form on the About tab and let us know what you’re planning to do so that we can get organized because this shindig is going down the first week of March again. Why the first week of March? Because March 1st is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and kicks off Read Across America week here in the US. So our target dates for posts and donations is during that week but we’re flexible and posts a few days or so before or after that week are fine by us. Last year we had an Anonymous Co-Conspirator who donated $1 for each post, each host, and each book donation to one of the charities supported by Richard Armitage via JustGiving. If you’d like to do that for us this year please let us know.

So it’s Sunday and Sunday for me means spoken word poetry so we’re going out with this lovely piece that I played for the kick off last year, too. I think this might be the single video that I’ve played most frequently but I find it really hard to resist all that sunshine while it’s cold and yucky out. Have a great Sunday, wherever you are!


SpReAd The Love Gives Back Week 2: Guy of Gisborne

Our first week of STL Gives Back was amazing! Thank you all so much for all the kindnesses that you submitted and, in case you missed it, our winner was Kitty who’ll be getting a paperback copy of In Consequence by Trudy Brasure. Thanks to everyone who entered and a special thanks to Trudy for donating a copy of her novel!

Our giveaways are all fan made items inspired by some of Richard Armitage’s most popular characters. This week’s giveaway, a jet and paper bead multi-strand bracelet, was inspired by Guy of Gisborne and is handmade by me. I’m still finishing it but as a preview, these are some of the materials I’m working with.


Jet beads and parchment paper. Hmmm, how could that say Guy of Gisborne?

Okay, again leave a comment with a kindness that you’ve done or that’s been done for you and your name will be entered into this week’s drawing. Additionally, each kindness generates a $1US matching donation up to $100 to one of the charities supported by Richard Armitage via JustGiving.  We’ll draw a winner on Friday at 5PM Eastern Time. Ready? Go!


Can I get a drumroll please?

Jazz is out on the town this fine Friday evening, so she asked me to relay that after a duly secure selection from a hat, the kindness winner for this week IS:  Kitty!  Kitty is the new owner of an e-book copy of In Consequence written by Trudy Brasure.

Thanks to all who reported kindnesses this week – the world is a bit nicer because of your generosity of spirit!  Stay tuned for details on the new drawing for next week’s kindness reports.

SpReAd The Love: Giving Back To Those Who’ve Given

WOW! We challenged you all a few days ago and you’ve already maxed our donor for the Red Cross! Thanks so much for helping us reach that goal!

Now here’s the rest of the challenge. Our Anonymous Co-Conspirator still has $100 burning a hole in his or her pocket to donate to one of the charities Richard Armitage supports via JustGiving so we need at least 100 more kindnesses but there’s a twist on it. You’ve all been so supportive of SpReAd The Love this year so, starting with this post, when you submit a kindness we’ll put your name in a hat. Each Friday at 5PM ET we’ll pull a name and that person will win something from us. We have six prizes total from donors within the fandom and each prize is related to one of Richard Armitage’s characters. Kicking us off is John Thornton from North & South. This week’s winner will win an e-book of In Consequence by Trudy Brasure. Ready? Go!