SpReAd the Love Give Back Week Three Winner…

Bap ba-ba ba-ba-ba-baaaaa!

Bap ba-ba ba-ba-ba-baaaaa!

The winner of the Lucas Locket is….Hariclea!!  Congratulations!!  Drop me an email at ancientarmitage@gmail.com with all your mailing details. 😀






9 thoughts on “SpReAd the Love Give Back Week Three Winner…

    1. Hariclea

      thanks.. i’m truly chuffed and gobsmacked at the moment 🙂 not in a million years would i have even dreamt even 6 months ago i’d end the year wearing Rich around my neck! LOL 🙂 (and all for giving Lee Pace to one of his fans.. well at least a paper version :-D)

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  1. Hariclea

    Wow…. i am pretty speechless… it’s really beautiful and i didn’t even think about it in a million years! i can’t believe the week ends like this 🙂 Thanks for making something so pretty and special, it will be very close to my heart ❤ Million things to say about how enriched i feel through these past few months! and i have much to be thankful for, including the upcoming weekend which i hope, should all go well, to share as much as possible with everyone! More a bit later but wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely surprise! hugs from London xxx

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      1. Hariclea

        i sort of thought the same thing! ‘ggg’ but that could be too much for my heart, i’m already a truly royal mess at the moment with all the excitement i’ve had and what’s to come this week, Monday you-know-what and then Crucible again in the cinemas 2x and i get to relive the moment i found out and got to know RA… totally giddy! i#ll do my best to capture as much as i can with my crappy little camera so you can all see a bit and be there with us, wish we could all be there

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  2. Hariclea

    Reblogged this on Opera is Magic and commented:
    Well, how about this!!!!! a week for of kittens, reports, meetings and re-writes, stress, Xmas shopping lists that give me nightmares, quite a few sleepless nights, confusing leading to all kinds of mistake purchases… leading to this!! Lucas North around my neck 🙂
    Big thank you for making this beautiful piece ❤ it's a memento of both the subject but also as much of his wonderfully kind and big hearted fans 🙂 ❤

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