SpReAd The Love Gives Back Week Four: Thorin Oakenshield

How about that premiere? Did you watch all of it? I’ve loved reading all of the accounts of fans who were there and, of course, looking at all the photos. Since this week is the premiere of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, this week’s giveaway is a bracelet inspired by Thorin Oakenshield and made by me. Thorin’s hood was said by Tolkein to be sky blue and the chips are royal purple with gold spacers.


To qualify to win this bracelet all you have to do is let us know in the comments about a kindness that you’ve done or that’s been done for you. On Friday at 5PM ET we’ll draw a name from among those who’ve commented. The kindness doesn’t have to be a huge thing, it can be anything that made your heart a little lighter or your day a little brighter. We’ve loved reading all of the kindnesses you’ve submitted so far! So, ready? Go!


20 thoughts on “SpReAd The Love Gives Back Week Four: Thorin Oakenshield

  1. jholland

    Beautiful bracelet! Had some holiday goodies dropped off yesterday by a dear client. Stopped to pick up fallen mail and put it in a neighbor’s box. Had an extra kiss from Hubby before parting today. Sometimes it’s the little things.

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  2. saraleee

    The nurses and caretakers at my mother’s nursing home took great care of her, even though she was a difficult patient — kept hiding food in her sock drawer and trying to escape the facility. When I thanked one of the nurses, she said, “Of course we look out for her. You’re mother’s one of ours, now.”

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  4. Servetus

    This is a beautiful bracelet but I don’t wear jewelry so please leave me out of the drawing, but yesterday a student who asked to see me very late in the day brought a coffee for me with her.

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  5. Humma H.

    ….my son let me uae his tight credit card to get a lunch in the pouring rain so I took the kindness and kept the fella repairing the my bathtub (!) in glasses of water for 3 hrs..smelly!!!…and pretty beads…!

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  6. HippyGeekGirl

    A friend unexpectedly lost his father after a minor surgery. Many people lovingly brought food but it was high fat, high salt casseroles and bbq. Knowing they are trying to get healthy, I brought trays of fruit and veggies, all cleaned and cut to snack on.

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  7. Kitty

    I hemmed a couple pair pants without charge for my friend who is a sheriff’s patrol. I just cannot bring myself to charge for someone holding such an honorable position. I don’t know if that’s a kindness or something we all ought to do. Count it as you see fit.

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  8. NebraskaArtist

    I run the monthly food market (like a food pantry) here at a middle school. Today’s food market was wonderful. We reached 47 families. We’re getting more to come every month. It feels great to give this food out (including fresh fruit and baked goods), especially during the holidays.

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