Who’s up for an STL side Challenge? Let’s *sock* it to ’em

It seems that I can’t resist and opportunity for a good (or bad) pun, but I have a proposition for everyone.  In a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, Richard Armitage gave us a peek at his funky fun socks…

Socks Rock! Original Source

Socks Rock!
Original Source

He also mentioned that he would like to get some socks for Christmas (I wonder if he’s prepared for the deluge of fashionable footwear that’s likely headed his way?)  A funky or festive pair of socks can be a surprising energy booster.  For instance…today is the last day of classes for the fall semester and I celebrated by wearing some festive holiday socks.

wpid-cam00460-1.jpgNo one else can see them (It’s cold…I’m wearing boots!)  but I know that they’re there and the thought of the sparkly gifts (there’s a little dog at the top cuff too) makes me smile throughout the day.

On the subject of socks…or maybe the lack of socks for a lot of people, Jazzy and I were talking and we thought it would be a fun side challenge to signal boost some charities that distribute socks to the needy and to decorate our own sock tree as a record.

So here’s what you do…comment here reporting a donation of socks or information about a charitable organization that distributes socks.  We’ll add a pair of socks to our SpReAd the Love 2014 Sock Tree and credit a kindness to our running total.

I’ll get you started…Hannah’s Socks is an Ohio based non-profit which since 2005 has distributed over half a million pairs of socks to those in need in Western Ohio and Southeast Michigan.  This is just one of many charitable organizations and shelters that operate such programs…We’d love to hear more about one in your area and add to our “sock tree”.

How cool...I can already put up a tree with more socks!!

How cool…I can already put up a tree with more socks!!



34 thoughts on “Who’s up for an STL side Challenge? Let’s *sock* it to ’em

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  2. HippyGeekGirl

    Charitysock.com is utilizing a love of fashionable socks for any charity you choose! They help you design your socks, including your charity’s logo if desired, then your charity keeps 50% of the sales. I think RA should team up with one of his faves to design socks we would all love to buy!

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  3. Kat Meacham

    What a lovely way to honor RA. There is an organization started several years ago by now 11 year old Jonas Carona to help the homeless in Southern California. It is called Look in the Mirror, and is based on the idea that “every child should look in the mirror and love themselves” and that homelessness should not exist and everyone should have what they need to survive. Part of the mission is to collect socks for the homeless. Here is a link to their sock drive page, although the event has already been held for this year: http://loveinthemirror.org/2014/09/22/help-us-collect-10000-pairs-of-socks/

    Kat Meacham

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  4. sparkhouse1

    My Dad would talk about the box he received at Christmas as he grew up during the second world war and his family was quite poor. Every single year my mother and father would make a financial contribution to this because they appreciated it so much when they were children…..

    The Toronto Star (newspaper) oversees the annual Santa Claus Fund. Using a small army of volunteers and partner agencies, the fund distributes gift boxes to children from low income families.

    In total, 45,000 boxes will be handed out this year across the GTA and the fund is aiming to raise $1.6 million.

    Each of the boxes is about the size of a shoe box. Once the wrapping paper goes flying, this year kids will be delving into a package that contains a book, a game, candy, a toothbrush and toothpaste (“That’s to offset the candy) along with some warm clothing including a sweater, a hat and mittens.

    And, of course, the boxes also contain a pair of socks. Because it just wouldn’t be Christmas unless you receive a pair of socks, would it?

    And every Christmas I put a pair of socks in my kid’s stocking…except when they were older one year….in their late teens, I thought they didn’t want the socks because they always made fun of me for getting them socks…but they were so disappointed they didn’t get socks that one year! So, I now still give them their pair of socks for Christmas…they really do like getting them…weird.

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  6. jholland

    I don’t know of a specific sock-oriented charitable organization here in Oklahoma, but socks are a great donation for any homeless shelter. Also, if anyone wants to buy well-made athletic socks, consider the company Bombas (bombas.com)- they donate a pair of their nice socks for every pair of nice socks they sell. Saw it on Shark Tank =)

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  8. zan

    United Way of Chester County and the Coatesville Veterans Hospital collect and distribute socks (and other clothing items) to those in need. The Oxford Presbyterian Church has a Sock & Underwear Tree set up to collect said items until mid-December that will be delivered to the neighbor services center.

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  9. Lennie Freeman

    Hello! Looks like you and I had a very similar idea 🙂 I put mine up on the Richard Armitage Appreciation Society page on Facebook. Would love to coordinate with you. Here is my original post….Dear RA Universe (yes, I think we are big enough to call ourselves a universe at this point), RA’s sock pictures have gotten me thinking. A lot. About socks. We all know that Richard is very much in favor of donating time and funds to various charities. So, in the name of Richard’s socks, I am sending out a challenge. Local shelters are in desperate need of socks this time of year. I think it would be fantastic if we could use our joint influence to gather up sock donations and take them down to our homeless and women and children’s shelters in our own areas. Take a pic of your donation, and then tag it with ‪#‎RAChristmasSocks‬. I know I will be doing that very thing this afternoon. Good luck and happy sock hunting!.. It would be great if we could really expand this and make it a big deal. What do you say?

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  10. cindy

    Holy Family Door Ministry here in Nebraska holds a sock giveaway every August, right before the start of the school year, so each child has a pair of socks to wear to school. Socks are donated all through the year to be used for this project.

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